About Our School

Letter from Our Head of School

Dear South Carolina families,

Every student. Every class. Every day. That is my focus for Cyber Academy of South Carolina (CASC). The individual student is the most important person in any school—traditional, charter, virtual, or private. At CASC, we will focus on the individual needs, desires, and interests of our students and families, and we will do everything we can to help our students reach their academic goals.

Every student, regardless of their zip code, should have access to a quality curriculum and dedicated, highly skilled teachers. That is exactly what you will get at CASC. My goal is to build a program that takes advantage of the strengths of virtual learning while increasing the accessibility of the teaching staff to a level not always seen in a virtual school. Each course will offer multiple live sessions and virtual “office hours” so that our students can get real-time help with their lessons.

Socialization also plays a major role in a child’s education. At CASC, we plan to have our teachers out in the communities across the state of South Carolina frequently hosting academic outings and social events. My administrative staff and I will also be busy meeting families across all parts of the state as we host “town hall” meetings to help us get feedback from our families about what they expect and need from their school.

Students in grades K–12 from all walks of life and from anywhere in South Carolina have an opportunity to learn using an amazing curriculum—and the help of a dedicated staff—to put them on the path to college and career readiness while learning 21st-century skills. I hope you will take the time to learn more about our school and all we have to offer.

Sincerely yours,

David Croock headshot

David Crook

Chief Executive Officer